Business Attorney in Meridian, Idaho

Because of our experience and business knowledge, ELC Legal Services is a premier business law practice, assisting clients from start-up entrepreneurs, to second or third generation business owners, as well as regional/global organizations. As previous business executives and managers, we understand the importance of protecting your business in a cost-effective way.

Corporate Formation Commercial Disputes & Litigation
Mergers and Acquisitions Employment
Tenant in Common Representation Branding
Investments Marketing
Securities Representation
Transactional Issues Human Resources
Contracts Landlord and Tenant
Negotiations Purchase and Sale Agreement

One of the most remarkable things about Idaho is the community’s ability to conduct business. We know that because the ELC Legal Services have attorneys who have conducted business on various levels before becoming legal professionals. Our backgrounds put us in a unique position to advise you and your business, unlike the “traditional” attorney. Similarly, our experiences encompass multiple levels of business from the inception of an idea to the day-to-day operations that bring life to a business. This means that we have experience at the negotiating table, in the boardroom, and in solving real problems with an eye on the bottom line. 

As previous business executives and managers, we understand that protecting your business in a cost-effective manner is extremely important. ELC Legal Services is versed in all facets of business and upon initial meeting, you will feel secure that our representation will feel more like a partnership.