Construction/Development Attorney in Meridian, Idaho

Why should I hire ELC Legal Services for my construction/real estate matters?

ELC Legal Services understands the workings of construction and real estate, and the complex business arrangements that are an inevitable part of the industry. By combining industry experience and legal skills to our toolset, ELC Legal Services believes we can provide an extremely powerful force to promote and protect our clients’ interests.

Why Should I hire ELC Legal Services when my real estate transaction is already going smoothly?

It is common for issues to be overlooked in real estate transactions. The problems often only arise after the transaction has closed. At this point, they become much costlier to resolve. If an attorney is hired up front, most problems can be spotted and resolved as the transaction progresses.

Will having an attorney advise me on a real estate transaction make the other parties involved uneasy?

In practice, it is quite common for people making a large investment, such as real estate, to hire an attorney to protect their interests. Our experience with business, real estate, and construction has given us a greater appreciation of how deals get done. We are committed to helping our clients accomplish their goals, not preventing them, our job is to provide clients with information and advice so they can make the most informed decision possible. We are deal makers not deal breakers.